Sunscreen: Benefits Beyond Sun Protection

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Sunscreen, as nearly everyone in today’s world knows, is an absolutely critical part of an effective skin care routine. With about 9,500 new cases of skin cancer being diagnosed in the United States every day, it is imperative to protect your skin from the sun’s potentially harmful UV rays, even if you’re just going to be running errands or stepping outside for a little while. In fact, you should put sunscreen on all of your exposed skin every day before you leave the house.

What you might not be aware of is that sunscreen actually offers a variety of skincare benefits that go above and beyond sun protection and reduction of skin cancer risk. Several of these lesser-known perks have been outlined in this guide. If you aren’t convinced that you should wear sunscreen now, you absolutely will be by the time you’re done reading.

Sunscreen can moisturize your skin 

Sun exposure, saltwater/chlorinated water, and sand can all dry out your skin, especially if you spend a lot of time on the beach or by the pool in the summer. Some sunscreens, however, actually prevent dryness by moisturizing your skin while providing you with the UV protection you need. Look for sunblocks that contain aloe or shea butter extract if extra moisture is important to you.

Sunscreen can contain useful antioxidants 

While the use of antioxidants as sunscreen ingredients hasn’t been studied extensively at this point, early research indicates that plant extracts, in particular, can have a positive effect on the skin. Antioxidants slow signs of aging and brighten the skin, giving sunscreen wearers a more youthful appearance that lasts all year long.

Sunscreen can provide mood-stimulating scents 

For some people, certain sunscreens serve as an effective form of aromatherapy, especially during the colder, darker winter months. Since you should wear sunscreen every day you leave the house, no matter what time of year it is, make sure you find a natural scent you love. People who struggle with SAD, or even just the winter blues, often discover that wearing tropical-scented sunblock improves their moods dramatically over the course of a day.

As you shop for sunscreen with benefits beyond sun protection, remember that it is very important to read ingredient labels and research the trustworthiness of the products you’re considering. You want to make sure you only buy from reputable brands that manufacture high-quality, natural products!


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