Colbert MD Products


The Story Behind Our Products

Through years of research, development and the effectiveness of his signature Colbert MD Triad Facial®, Dr David Colbert presents his breakthrough skin renewal line.

Dr. David Colbert is a board certified dermatologist and internist and the founder and head physician of New York Dermatology Group. His signature treatment, the Triad Facial®, is one of the most effective skin renewal treatments in cosmetic skin care and counts many of today’s most widely-regarded celebrities among its loyal devotees. The Triad Facial® has been covered extensively in national & international media including Vogue, Elle, Porter, Self, Allure and The New York Times Science and Style sections.

By replicating the same techniques as the Triad Facial®, Dr. Colbert created the nurturing and restoring skincare line, Colbert MD. Imparting our groundbreaking, Triad Delivery System®, maintaining ingredient’s activity and potency, the Colbert MD system delivers nutrients to the dermal levels where cellular renewal and change takes place.


Our Product Technology

Infused with our unique Triad Delivery System®, Dr. Colbert’s collection of skincare transforms skin by gradually releasing active nutrients to the topical level, while delivering active ingredients straight to the dermis.

The molecules used in our Triad Delivery System® have a similar structure to cell membranes but are multi-lamellar. The active ingredients contained within, have the same level of compatibility but react with a deeper penetration into the skin. These active anti-aging ingredients are wrapped in highly efficient micro capsules and are protected from oxygen exposure.


The Triad Facial®

The Triad Facial® is a three-part process; the first step being a gentle microdermabrasion to remove old, dead skin cells, resulting in immediate skin clarity. Once the skin has been prepared for treatment with light microdermabrasion, the next step is to energize and deeply stimulate the skin with laser toning to even pigmentation and encourage long-term collagen production. The final step is a gentle chemical peel that imparts a fresh, youthful radiance and silkiness to skin. Additionally, a final stage of phototherapy can be applied post Triad Facial® to create a healing environment and ease the skin back to its natural state.