How Do Nightly Face Creams Improve the Condition of Your Skin?

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If you use a daily moisturizer, take your makeup off before bed, and wear sunscreen regularly, you might not see the need to add a night cream to your skincare regimen as well. There are, however, a variety of reasons to consider investing in a night cream in the near future. You’ll learn about a few of these as you read on.

  1. Night creams moisturize - As you sleep, your skin can lose moisture, leaving you less-than-dewy looking when you wake up. Night creams, however, deeply moisturize your face so your skin looks youthful and glowing from the moment you open your eyes.

  2. Night creams often contain collagen - As we age, our skin’s natural production of collagen begins to decrease. This can lead to fine lines, loose skin, and a dull complexion. Night creams frequently contain collagen, which bolsters your skin’s supply, giving it a firmer, more youthful appearance.

  3. Night creams reduce puffiness - Facial inflammation can make skin look irritated and dull, which is not an appealing look for anyone. Many women, however, don’t even realize they are suffering from facial puffiness and inflammation until they begin using night creams on a regular basis. Night creams generally contain ingredients, such as purified angelica sinesis, that have proven anti-inflammatory properties.

  4. Night creams renew cells - A lot of today’s night creams are engineered specifically to aid with cell renewal. This helps slough-off dead, dull skin and replace it with fresh, new cells. This will help your skin glow, giving you a younger appearance.

  5. Night creams can diminish spots - Dark spots are one of the most common skin conditions to affect women as they age. If you’d like to diminish or eliminate the dark spots on your face, you should absolutely be using a night cream. Some formulas are even specially designed to combat this prevalent problem.

If you are ready to add a quality night cream to your before-bed regimen, try Colbert MD’s Night Soothe, which is made with a host of great ingredients, including ultra-hydrating African shea nut butter. You’ll be glad you did!


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